Madness in the Mainstream
(2nd Edition now available!)

Madness in the Mainstream is the book where Least Restrictive Environment gets turned upside down like never before.

It took four years to complete. There were moments of Oh my god I can't believe I said that. I published it anyway. It was a rousing success. Some have called it "the most controversial book on Deaf education."

Just my two cents: It's not controversial. It just tells the truth. Sometimes the truth makes people uncomfortable.

It's no secret that Deaf-friendly literature and research tends to be overlooked or ignored by mainstream society. Unfortunately, this includes legislators, politicians, and administrators who make important decisions that effect the lives of Deaf and hard of hearing children. So my response to that was to write an eye-opening book like no other. 

Madness in the Mainstream has shock value. But it's entertaining shock value. You'll laugh, and you'll learn. You'll see the behind-the-scenes impact mainstreaming has on Deaf and hard of hearing students, and how these issues can fly under the radar for years.

The book is now available at For ASL / Deaf Studies instructors and bookstores who wish to order in bulk at discounted rates, you can send an inquiry to info(at)

UPDATE: There is now a Madness in the Mainstream ebook available at both and Smashwords. A free sample of the ebook is available at both sites as well.

Enjoy the madness.