Yes or No?

I personally am not deaf or hard-of-hearing but this topic has always interested me. I see the stand point of the deaf that they don't want to get implants for their children or for themselves because they think that it bashes the Deaf Community. I totally respect that. Buy since I'm hearing, I guess my viewpoint is a little different. I would get my child the implant at a young age if I found out they were deaf. I know very minimum ASL and it would definitely be easier to communicate with them if they could hear. It's not like we wouldn't use ASL as well. I would make sure to incorporate that in her daily life until she makes the decision whether or not she wants to be hearing or deaf. The thing is, now SHE has the choice. She can always turn off the implant and be deaf or she can turn it on and be hearing. Now the decision is up to her and not me which would make me feel better about my decision.

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