Wondering why cannot any parents just accept any normal Deaf babies?

by Lulu Long

I am a very profounded Deaf since born.... I know many of you may live in such many different life as it is all depending on how your parents wanted each of you to become of .... It may not what you really wanted out of your own life for many reasons.

Of course, Honest with you all that I been suffered with these two very heavy hearing aids which effected my mother to made me some such "like" bra strips to carry these two very heavy mental hearing aids by daily while I attended to these public schools in my early childhood till when I turned 14 years old I finally entered the Deaf school. During my public schools years, I was very unhappy because these Hearing people who forced me to learn how to do "oral and hearing sounds" which I really didn't want to learn how to become one of their puppets any at all. How can I made my parents proud of me with my bad grades? I had to make my parents to be happy and proud of me that I forced myself to learn and do my own efforts to accept to be their "puppets" to make them all happy ( even while I was very unhappy )to see how improved I made till one of these public schools who told my parents that they not have any more high level education for me which forced my parents to placed me into the Deaf school at last, finally! PAH!!

During my public school years, I did not feel that I was belong to any of these classrooms, hearing friends and teachers at all because I always be punished by daily for using sign language in my classroom during the class and speech therpy, too. Boy! I was very confused when I can or cannot use sign language for years till my parents placed me in the Deaf school, finally I felt more bonded to my new friends, teachers and etc.... I felt more lucky that I could be one of them in one of these days. I thanked that I understand ASL more than anything else.... ASL helped me to understand English more much better.

Thankfully that I not live with any of these junks, very heavy hearing aids in my life for good.... I am happy that I am just normal "Deaf" because from what my hearing brother been complaint about anything bothered his hearing for many years. I felt sorry for my brother!

On my mind, I been wondering what really hearing people wanted from any "Deaf" babies? Wanted "Deaf" babies to be their puppets because they can earn some extra incomes? Wanted "Deaf" babies to suffer with their implants? Wanted "Deaf" babies to be hearing? Why this have to be this way? Why cannot just leave any "Deaf" babies be normal as they are? Is there any harmful for any "Deaf" babies to learn ASL? There're some more questions continually bothers me to wonder and image what hearing people really wanted out of any of these "Deaf" babies.... I been studied in some of laws lately and I do not see any laws where it states any requirements for any "Deaf" babies to wear any kind of hearing aids and any implants, too. This effected me to believe that it is just these doctors who wanted to earn much more incomes from any parents who wanted their "Deaf" babies be suffer with their chemicals which effected their brains deformed to become a hearing like them. I know this kind of chemicals cannot be a such "perfect" because it is not how God made us.

Of course, I have my own four Deaf children, they all are happy that I not believe to placed any implants and any hearing aids on them while I raised them, I believed to teach them how to communication through many different ways, ASL, genures, body language, and write notes. Now, they are having their own Deaf children which means that I am grandmother of Deaf grandkids. Smile....That I am proud of.

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