Why not protest

by Michael Baranik
(Jennings Louisiana)

I agree 100% that the deaf community is totally underserved, and the progress with keeping up with modern technology is going at a snails pace. With modern technology, the deaf community should be leaps and bounds ahead of where it is. What do I believe? Well call me old fashion, but I agree dialog shoud be first, but also believe that road has already been traveled on with no success. I believe the deaf community needs leaders, not that they dont have any, I am not saying that, but leaders and advocates like, if I may make a comparison, like the civil rights movement. I believe there needs to be a MOVEMENT in America. A movement that will shake America to see the injustice it has done to the deaf community. The old saying is true, UNITED we stand, divided we fall. I would love to see deaf people running for public office, engaging in our America with the same opportunities as everyone else. Just as a comparison, maybe the deaf community needs a Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton? People have power, united people have tremoundous power, I would love to see a deaf movement in this country that would equal the field, and I would love to be a part of it. I would also love to know the person that wrote the articles about Oprah, that was awesome, and I have some ideas about some other stories about the deaf community. I am passionate about deaf education and deaf equal rights. I have lots of ideas on leadership, organization success, uniting people, etc. So let someone join me and take the first step. OH, I am not deaf, I have learned a geat deal about deaf culture from studying adn trying to met deaf people, but they are hard to find where I live. I have a BS in psychology, and have worked in the mental health field for 17 years and know personally that deaf patients do not get equal treatment, but I know I have much more to learn. I hope not being deaf will not affect anyting I have stated, I am not perferct and never claim to be, I just want to make a difference, a big difference while I am here on earth. I believe it's a passion and purpose placed in my heart from my creator. I would love to talk to more people about issues and hopefully make friends, but most important,make a difference.

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