what i think about cochlear implants

by Danika
(Traverse city)

I feel that the cochlear implant is a really good idea. I feel that if the kid wants it and the parent is OK with it then they should get it. i think that the child should get it when they are a couple months old.But if you don't have the opportunities to, then let the kid decide when its old enough and wants it. I think that its up to you and your parents decision nobody else. I understand that the deaf culture finds it offensive but its not for an offensive term though its just that if you want the child to hear ten let it hear. let it hear the beautiful sounds. And what if somebody was about to do something to harm them and they couldn't hear. or what if in the long run they have a hearing child and it cries and you cant hear them crying so you cant help them. And deaf or hard of hearing people are not handicap they are just a little different and do things differently.

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Jun 04, 2013
Um, no. NEW
by: Anonymous

There are ways for Deaf people to know if their children are crying. Do some research into tactile or light-based alert systems so you don't seem so ignorant.

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