Transformetrics - Featuring The Miracle Seven

It was my good friend Dennis Jones Jr (the author of Tarnished Halos and Crooked Fences)who introduced me to the concept of transformetrics.

Back in the early 1990's, Dennis and I used to practice Tae Kwon Do together in the old Hughes Gym at Gallaudet University. We were in tip-top shape. And then, we went out and got a life. Marriage, kids, steady jobs (all a blessing, of course)... and the spare tire that comes with it.

Fast-forward more than 15 years later and here's Dennis handing me a copy of The Miracle Seven by John E. Peterson and Wendie Pett.

I needed it.

Not only was I way out of shape, but I also had chronic shoulder pain that prevented me from even lifting my left arm over my head. It was for this reason The Miracle Seven really had my attention. One of the featured "Tiger Moves," the High Reach, supposedly has the ability to "restore an injured shoulder to its normal range of motion." With high hopes I took the book home and read it from cover to cover. Soon I began doing the exercises.

A few weeks later, my shoulder was back at its normal range of motion.

Needless to say I ordered my own copy of The Miracle Seven and continued with the exercises.

It's awesome. And this stuff is actually relaxing. Have you ever done any of those progressive relaxation exercises that are a staple of many a stress management program? Often, we don't realize how tense we are until we deliberately tense our muscles and then release. You tense up, let go, and then ahhh. It's a great method of stress reduction. The Tiger Moves offer the very same benefits only you're building muscle at the same time.

Another benefit is you get the same results (or better!) that you'd get in a gym... without the sore muscles, sprains, strains, joint damage, back injuries, and other negative consequences of lifting weights. You save lots of time. 15-20 minutes per session is all it takes. No driving to and from the gym. No crowded locker rooms. No lunkhead jocks hogging the weights while you await your turn. This is something you can do on your own time, on your own terms.

Have you ever watched a tiger at the zoo awaken from a nap and bust into one of those powerful, muscle-rippling stretches? It's a sight to behold, isn't it? Now have you ever seen a tiger lifting a barbell or pumping reps on a muscle-isolating weight machine? Exactly. This is the entire basis of The Miracle Seven.

John Peterson and Wendie Pett present the remarkable concept that your body is your gym. No dumbells, barbells, fitness clubs, no nada. Just you and your natural ability to strengthen yourself.

For more information, check out Bronze Bow Publishing and click on the Miracle Seven link.