Top tips for maintaining your deaf hearing aid

by James Lorry
(London, UK)

The price of hearing aids for the deaf could cost thousands of dollars. With the right care, basic maintenance and common sense these little devices will continue to serve you well for many years.

Here are a selection of useful tips for the new and experienced hearing aid wearer:

Be sensible - Handle your hearing aid with great care.

Remove it when not in use - Removing it when not in use will ensure that the device does not incur unnecessary wear and tear. If you don't use it for a long period of time, remove the battery completely..

Place it in a safe place - When the hearing aid is removed, it should be placed in a safe place away from pets (and children). If possible, store it in an environment which is not affected by extreme temperatures.

Avoid the build up of moisture - In some cases moisture could reach the electrical components resulting in a breakdown. Do not wear it when you are showering, swimming and when using a hair dryer, hair spray or other types of spray.

Clean it often - It is important to clean the receiver and vent or tubing openings with an appropriate wax removal tool. Removing ear wax will prevent temporary malfunction or permanent damage.

Replace the batteries quickly - Many hearing instruments have audible low-battery warning signals – be sure to consult the instruction booklet for what these will sound like; as well as how long you can expect the hearing aid battery to last.

Tips by the team at digital hearing aids seller hearing direct.

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