The Two Kids and Cochlear Implants

by sean
(traverse city michigan)

I feel that the guy that realizes he is going deaf and decides to go around ask how people feel about cochlear implants was a pretty good decision. He went around to see what people opinions were and get the most research that he could. But then he heard about these two kids that were going deaf and told there parents that they were doing fine with school and communicating and things like that but there parents where trying to figure out if there kids should have cochlear implants. In the end they decided they didn't want them but the other kid was watching TV and the volume was at 46. They realized that there other kid was going deaf too. I think if you are going deaf then you should get a cochlear implant because you can communicate better with the hearing world and when you come home for school then you can turn your hearing aid off and talk to your family if there deaf and still be a part of the deaf culture but at the same time you are part of the hearing culture too.

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