Taking you seriously for the first time

Wow, Mark! I've lurked on your blogs before but you've never said anything that gave me pause, until now. Sorry to be so blunt -- no offense intended, really. I never knew that you were so ambivalent about CIs before. I only saw your anti-CI blogs, and your going to the AGBell convention sealed the deal. What a rabble-rouser, I thought. This story about the roller-coaster of emotions about CI mirrors my own journey exactly. Back in the 80s, I had a few adult deaf friends who were postlingually deafened, got CIs, and were very happy with them. Of course, I scorned and mocked them for wanting to be hearing. What on earth is wrong with being Deaf? With all my heart, I love Deaf people, Deaf culture, ASL, and being a part of the community. After 18 years locked away in the hearing mainstream, I finally got the acceptance and validation that I never received from the hearing community. Like you, to most hearing people I was a broken thing whose ears needed to be fixed. I was born hearing with a progressive hearing loss. As a child, I remember being able to hear the TV and people's speech. Leapfrog over the 80s, 20 plus years firmly entrenched in the ASL/Deaf community camp, to the 2000s, some of my adult deaf ASL-using friends started getting CIs and -- gasp! -- were happy with them! I peppered them with questions, was astonished by some things I learned from them, and started the deep, soul-searching process of getting one for myself. Now I have a CI and I love it. It gives me sound awareness and speech detection that hearing aids never gave me. It's with bemusement that I read of all this furor over CIs, the surgery, AVT, AGBell, etc., etc. To them all, I say: whatever floats your boat.

Mark, I'm going to run out and buy all your books now. >grins<

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