Struck a nerve

by Eddie Runyon


Good questions and good points! Seems like the "nameless" deaf person needs to step back and take an objective look at what you wrote. Nowhere did I see you saying ONLY deaf people are on SSI and defrauding the system, but you listed cases YOU knew about from first hand experience, etc. Seems like the nameless person might be feeling a little paranoid? :-)

In all seriousness, like ANY large government program, SSI IS ripe for fraud, whether it be committed by deaf OR hearing people. I live in Eastern Kentucky, and let me tell you, the deaf definitely do NOT have a monopoly on SSI fraud. So the nameless person can rest easy. BUT, their lack of indignation points to the very point I feel you may be trying to make. Namely, that dependance on SSI has, in a lot of cases, led to a lack of ambition. After all, if the government is going to keep throwing money at you, why work hard? Why have ambition? Why feel like sacrificing a little to potentially work your way into a good, stable earning position? And make no mistake about it, I can personally verify for you, several cases of deaf people that I know who have turned down opportunities to work full time, make a good living, etc., because they like the idea of part-time work with the equivalent (when you add SSI to part-time wages) of full time pay.

Good topic, I've enjoyed reading the responses to far. And to the "Deaf person who remains nameless", I say, grow a backbone, step back and look at this question objectively. For ALL the people who are committing fraud are taking money from those who TRULY deserve SSI.

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Dec 17, 2009
get SSI to meet VR requirement
by: Anonymous

Families benefit, properly or improperly, when their deaf children go on SSI. (some parents/guardians steal from or divert to other purposes or/and not disclose to their children...some of them don't realize they have been on SSI rolls)

(also local VR requires students to apply for SSI in order to determine qualification for further VR support for education after high school)

May 02, 2015
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