SSI is a double edged sword

by Marianne
(Tulsa, OK)

My mother came to this country with almost nothing. She took a job at a department store that did not pay much, but she was willing to roll up her sleeves, tighten her belt, and make it work. At the end, she took up a second job to keep her head (and her family's) above the water. She never complained, and never received government assistance. She paid the bills, rent, and kept us fed/clothed throughout our school years. It bothers me when I see young, physically healthy deaf people who are ABLE to work turn down decent job offers only because they felt it was easier to sit on their lazy asses all day and live on SSI. I see deaf people advising other deaf people on how to act "very deaf" during SSI interviews so that they'd get the monthly handouts from the government. Some of their advice is: "If you can talk, don't talk. Just act very deaf."

I never received SSI in my whole life. After college, I worked hard to find a job and keep that job. I pay my bills, taxes, etc. It makes me blood boil that a part of my tax money goes to support those lazy bums who don't want to work.

I don't think there is any shame in working in a supermarket. Lots of (hearing) people earn their living that way. I heard one deaf person who refused to work at Ralphs supermarket, saying it was "beneath" her. Yet she thinks it's not beneath her to sit at home and collect SSI for years.

For those deaf people that do this (able to work, but prefer to receive free handouts), shame on you.

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Aug 24, 2015
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Jan 15, 2016
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Sep 12, 2017
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