I believe in cochlear implants. I am hearing and am also the son of a hard of hearing mother. She does not have the cochlear implants but hearing aids. She started to lose her hearing at age 15. And her hearing status is a part of what I am writing about right now. I believe in the right to choose and I believe if you become deaf in your later years and love hearing you should take it. I believe strongly in the authors choice to let the child decide, as well as provide strongly in showing the two sides of the situation. Deaf and hearing, without trying to push them to a certain side. I also like that you can take the cochlear implants out. But I have not quite heard any cochlear implant disaster stories like the ones in this article. Also even if you take the implants out you still have the bump and the device in your head. Also thanks to the author for putting valuable insight into this ageless debate.

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