pro CI

by felicity
(Adelaide Australia)

I would love to read your article Hearing Loss. I do agree going deaf as an adult is different than being born deaf. I am an adult CI and losing my hearing when I was a professional piano teacher/musician was very hard. Changing careers and so on then trying to reeducate myself while not hearing much.

I think your points are well made and I can see why you have the attitudes you do. But for me life is so much easier if you can hear. Work is easier to get, and in Australia education is easier if you can hear.

Since my CI I no longer deal with deafness on a day to day basis. I am no longer isolated from my world.

BTW to all those out there who think the sound I get with a CI is artificial or strange - it isn't. The sound is pretty close to what I remember as normal in every way including music. I was able to identify a phone caller by voice alone 2 months after my CI switch-on, someone I had not spoken to in many years. This tells me my sound has to be very close to what I used to hear.

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Mar 20, 2012
Also a musician
by: Anonymous

As a musician myself, I can completely see where you are coming from. If I suddenly lost my hearing today, I would want an implant right away.
I'm not certain yet on whether or not you should implant a child who was born deaf, but I think that it is fine to get a CI if you used to be able to hear and your life has been built around the hearing world.

Mar 03, 2008
by: Anonymous

Thanks for that little bit of wisdom regarding an artificial sound. My son has a CI and I wondered how it was for him.

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