Our story

by Sue

I am a deaf mom to Matthew (deaf) and Alex (hard of hearing). Matthew chose to get the implant. He never benefitted from his hearing aids. I figured, who was I to say that he couldn't try the implant, especially when I as a deaf person benefit from hearing aids? Matthew loves his implant. No he is not a hearing person, that was not our goal. Matthew functions as a hard of hearing kid with the implant on. And Matthew goes to the school for the deaf in our state. He is fluent in ASL. He has a strong deaf identity, he has a hoh/deaf peers. We all use sign language in our home, including my hearing daughter.

My oldest, Alex, on the other hand is not interested in hearing aids. He is not interested in the implant either. I said, fine, that's his decision. He too goes to the school for the deaf in our state.

I don't think the people should get the impression that purpose of the implant is to change the deaf person into a hearing person. It can be used as a tool to provide benefit (in a situation where hearing aids may not).

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