by Robert Alfred Hawkins

Very independent thinkers like you and myself are a dying breed in the Deaf-World!

The big problem in the Deaf community not to mention Deaf schools is attributed to "one-size-fits-all" scenarios which is often resorted to without choice even at places with most resources (compared to others). There's only so much we can do with this.

For most deaf children (and adults) it's a hit-and-miss proposition when it comes to this kind of consideration. Some people doesn't give a flying hoot about socialization. They want to experience high caliber instruction and competition especially in sports or other intellectual pursuits not requiring much socialization but the richness in this kind of experience isn't the same if socialization, if with same-type peers, isn't there.

This is an age-old dilemma which often extends into the very realm of deaf schools without real cooperative programs in academics, athletics and other considerations. Tough balancing act in considering the best interest of children and ourselves too.

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