We're All Nuts

Hi, everyone.

Or should I say hi, those of you who are left after the big DeafRead flameout?

To my RSS feed subscribers who have no idea what DeafRead is: Grab a bowl of popcorn and go to DeafRead.com.

Seems that things have settled down a bit and I'm glad. The whole DBC bashfest had me so disgusted that I decided to take a break from DeafRead and move on to more productive things a la Patti Durr (without actually stepping down from DeafRead - I just felt the need for a break, that's all).

I totally understood Patti's frustration and in fact, took her advice to heart. I moved over to my other website and made a lot of significant updates and upgrades.

Drop that Big Mac and check out UniqueFitnessTips.com if you want to see what I was up to. Go on, it's not too late to fit into that swimsuit before summer's over!

As mentioned before, I've also been able to focus some time on a new collaborative book project. Dennis Jones, Eddie Runyon (a.k.a. ThumpaFlash) and I are working on something that's never been done before in deaf literature. What's really cool about it is that the three of us don't entirely agree on everything. Our backgrounds (and sometimes opinions) are noticeably different. And yet, we're working together. Beautifully. (Hello, world? You can learn something from this.)

Anyway, I was having so much fun over at my other website that I decided to push DeafRead further down my priority list. I got tired of all the fighting going on and thus decided to move on to the bigger, much more "normal" hearing world.

Armed with my trusty mouse and an attitude, I hopped over to the hearing side of the Internet. Guess what I learned?

*There's more scandalous pictures of Miley Cyrus out there. Ewww. I didn't need to know that. She's young enough to be my daughter.

*Jesse Jackson threatened to castrate Barack Obama. Nice!

*Countless millionaire athletes threw prima donna hissy fits for whatever reason (usually money or attention. Or any combination thereof). And Brett Favre has a nice soap opera going on in Green Bay.

*There's a sex tape of Verne Troyer (better known as Mini-Me in Austin Powers) circulating somewhere. Ewww! On second thought, Miley Cyrus sounds good.

*A guy got kicked out of a New Jersey casino because of excessive body odor. And I thought my broccoli fart was bad.

*Someone snapped on a greyhound bus and stabbed a passenger multiple times. And then, to the horror of everyone, he decapitated the victim. Happened in Canada not too far from where my wife's family lives. Now you know why I'm careful not to mess with my in-laws up north, eh?

You get my drift. It's a strange world out there. And as Mr. Sandman correctly pointed out, there are hearing articles/blogs and comments sections where intelligent debate often denigrates into Your momma! and stuff to that effect.

And so, when you compare our nuttiness to the world at large, we're, well, shockingly normal.

That said, I'm going to wrap up this entry by saying that as the flames slowly subside (I hope!), the Deaf Bilingual Coalition is still standing and they still have my support. Are they perfect? No. Who is? But I've met several of them in person, I've conversed with others via email, and I can tell you without a doubt that their heart is in the right place.

Also, in spite of the flames I really did appreciate some of the constructive criticism out there. It made me re-examine my own values and the way I express my views when giving presentations and whatnot. I'm confident the same applies to DBC. I believe in them, period.

That's enough of that. Gotta go, got stuff to do. Just don't forget that Shakespeare was right. All the world's a stage. I just didn't know the headlining act was Jerry Springer.

Best regards,


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