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Nov 19, 2015
Education names aren't the only derogative setbacks NEW

2008 my mom, the BEST teacher in the world passed away & I found the abuse by her siblings & their families we had suffered 53years together suddenly all lumped on causing my demise also. I've been aghast at the many judges, attorneys, other persons forcing me through court past at least 14+ judges prohibiting me counsel, counsel, captioning etc & having to defend myself. My education was great, actually attended RIT & realized I could make it through a "hearing" college, did that, was accepted into law school & then blindsided by a disease it took over a decade to uncover & only that medicine can make possible a "normal" day for me. The family threw away my hearin/visual devices, medicine etc & left my canine hearing companion on a concrete floor in another county with nothing but the clothes on my back reminding me nearly daily for 7 years how they "sit around laughing." Oh, and they had me committed for being deaf. I've been astonished to find the number of books etc that still exist with the "founding being if you are deaf, then you are automatically "mental." My biggest challenge trying to survive (Nikki died 3 years ago after being my companion/service canine for 17 years) is the challenge of trying to get across to "hearing" persons that "persons that are deaf cannot hear." I'm still fighting for my life & now 60 years old. As long as there are persons that believe & convince others they know you better than you know yourself & if no defense available against that notion, well, what's a deaf person to do?

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