NCSD: Opening a Pandora's Box

The whole NCSD fiasco has me shocked.

No, I'm not shocked that there was planned protest nor am I shocked that it was squelched asap by the school's administration.

I'm shocked that this kind of thing doesn't happen more often.

NCSD is just the tip of the iceberg.

Yes, I'm aware of top administrators not knowing sign language, not being aware of issues related to ASL, Deaf culture, and optimum strategies for educating deaf children.

All of the above are valid reasons for students, staff, parents, and the Deaf community to express their concerns.

My question is, why isn't this happening everywhere, on a national or even international level?

I'm not calling for protests in every state capitol. Protest should always be a last resort, when dialogue has failed. Or, as alleged at NCSD, when too many things have been swept under the rug.

But again, this is something that's much bigger than NCSD. It goes much deeper than just the attitudes or philosophies at one particular school.

We've all been complaining about the quality of deaf education for far too long. So let's break it down into two simple components:

1) What exactly is wrong with deaf education?


2) What can we do about it?

I'm sure there are some naysayers out there who will be quick to blame ASL or the Deaf community for the problem. If anyone reading this feels that way, please check out the following article:

ASL: Not Guilty

I'm also sure there are some people who would like to know what my suggested solution is. I already wrote about this before (to a certain extent) so instead of repeating myself, I'd like to direct you to this article:
We Need a Deaf Oprah Winfrey

Other than that, nevermind the stuff I've written. I really want to see YOUR opinion. This is a huge issue that's been bugging the Deaf world for a long, long, time.

Right here on Deaf Culture Online we've been experimenting with a new program called Content 2.0; we're adding it so you can add your two cents' worth.

Here's how it works:

I'm going to open a COMMENTS HERE link where you can add as many comments as you want. Comments up to a paragraph or two should be entered there. You can find this link by scrolling down to the WHAT OTHER VISITORS HAVE SAID section.

However, you're also more than welcome to write entire articles and submit them here via the WHAT SHOULD WE DO ABOUT DEAF EDUCATION section below. All you have to do is write an article in the box and then click on the SUBMIT YOUR CONTRIBUTION button.

I'll be back with more thoughts later on. But now... it's YOUR turn. Tell us your perspective of what's going on in deaf education!

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