My opinion

by SIrinuch Hittrawatt
(Traverse city,MI)

I'm an exchange student from Thailand.I have been living here for 7 months. First,I came here,everything is so tough especially language. I grew up speak Thai so English is my second language.First day at school here,I didn't understand what people talked. I felt like I'm deaf because I can't communicate to other people. It's hard for me to make friends or even to ask people where my classroom is. I felt lonely and wanted to go back to my own country. And then around 3 months later, everything definitely changed ,my English improved so fast. I can mostly understand what people talk about and I have many American friends who I go hang out with. My life here got better.Sadness didn't last anymore

Last trimester, I started learning ASL without having any back knowledge about ASL before. I only knew ASL is a language for deaf people, but when first I came to class,I absolutely like it because I think I understand how deaf people feel when they have to communicate to hearing people who don't speak same language as they speak.Everything would be tough for them.

ASL is a beautiful language ever and deaf culture is so amazing for me. I think American deaf people have much better opportunities than any other country in the world because here they have university and lots of school for deaf. Why don't you take it?

I think there are many different ways to be successful. If you are are deaf ,that doesn't mean that you won't be able to be successful. Everyone who put the efforts,work hard and never give up ,no matter you are deaf or hearing. still can be succesful

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Nov 12, 2015
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