Katherine Gladu

The above is not my real name.
I am old now and my husband is now deceased but between us, we raised four deaf children and one hearing child who is now an ASL interpreter.
My mother graduated from the South Dakota School For The Deaf. I was raised in California but at every point in my life while I was growing the so called professionals kept interfering. I need to wear a hearing aid. I should not be allowed to sign or associate with the deaf and so on.
It was much the same story with our deaf children. The oldest should not go to Gallaudet. She had too much hearing. The youngest was eligible for a cochlear implant. My husband said he wasn't raising a Borg! (from Star Trek) All our children have degrees. They were always ahead of the students with hearing parents. They all started signing at age five months which told me that a baby understand language long before he can articulate!
My youngest saw so many cochlear failures that she is glad she did not have one.
I have watched films about the cochlear implant and my feeling is still the same.Deaf children who learn sign language first are ahead of any other method, no ifs, ands or buts about it.
I think they need the State Schools for socialization but they are no longer what they once were. That is my biggest disappointment.

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