It Was An Assident

by Heather Powell
(Tucson, AZ)

True Story
By a 36 Year Old Deaf Mom of Four

"It Was an Assident"

Recently I was told by my husband that I have been pronouncing the word "accident" incorrectly.

I swear it was an assident. I mean accident. I had no idea.

All these years I have been pronouncing accident as "ass-sid-dent" instead of AK-cid-dent."

So peeps: when I mispronounce something, TELL ME SO!

Don't let me babble on like an idiot.

We all know what assume really means. Meaning you made an "idiot" out of you and me.

Don't assume that I know how to say some word if I am repeatedly saying it wrong. Don't assume that someone else will tell me and help correct me, because they most likely won't because they are afraid to assidently hurt my feelings. I mean accidently.

I may be a real good "talker" for a deaf person, but dang it, I still make assidents. I mean accidents.

The letter K in the middle of most words is usually pronounced from the back of the throat with some tongue pressure. It's something I can't "see" while lip reading and definitely can’t hear. Therefore I don't get that reminder on how to really say a word.

The only exception is the silent K such as know, knew, and knee.

My husband had to ASL sign the word "accident" out phonetically in segments until I got it right but pronouncing it over and over. I kept assidently saying assident a few more times until my kids fell in a heap of giggles on the rug. (I mean accident)

I don't know how my husband missed this word over the years, but I can say he was too busy helping me with my other mispronounced words. There was this one word I was saying that sounded too close to the F bomb, so I think that word took priority over assident. I mean accident.

Well, that's the most swearing I have ever done in a story. I need to look for a bar of soap for my mouth, but my kid probably stuffed it through the shower drain trap tonight as he is prone to do and will tell me that it was an assident to avoid getting in trouble. I mean accident.

Hey! This could be a potty talk story! There was this one time back in high school when I used to say com-poo-ter instead of com-pute-ter....

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