I'm not deaf but I'm learning sign

by Chazmine Lee
(Worcester, Ma, United States of America)

I am a sophmore in high school. I am glad that my school has the opportunity to be able to learn sign language. Many other schools don't have that opportunity. My teachers husband is deaf and is teaching her son sign language. She goes to alot of deaf events with her husband. I like learning sign because their are alot of deaf folks out there and when I help interpret sign, I feel extremely proud of myself and I feel awesome. One day I was volunteering at the walk against violence of women and children and these 2 deaf women were there. Another lady knew them and were helping them out and she knew a little bit of sign but not much. One of the women who were deaf was trying to tell her that they were going to the bank and that they would be right back. So she fingerspelled it and the lady continued to tell her to repeat it. The deaf women tried to talk and say bank, but she couldn't understand her. So she continued to sign it and I tell the women that they are going to the bank and that they are coming back. The women was like oh-i-see and the deaf women thanked me. Later on we had a conversation about my family and I told her that I didn't come with my family and when I left I told her nice to meet you. It was so great. I told my teacher and she was also proud of me. I was a freshman in high school and didnt know nearly as much sign as I do now. Many hearing parents don't want their child to be born deaf but I don't think I'll mind it much. I'm already teaching my brother, who is 3 years old now, sign and I think it helps him considering the fact that he has a speech impediment. I love the Deaf community and think it's great. I believe it's priviledge to be in an ASL class.

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