How to support you and Darren....

Darren CAN change his mind later on :) There's no time line when he SHOULD have a CI so it doesn't have to be "now" :) Technology is always improving so it's more important that he's fine with who he is NOW and goes with that flow.

However, as a person who like you, DAD, has been down the same road you have yeah the surgery is not a piece of cake, and neither is the after life but having just done it and in a weeks' time after turning on, I"m already hearing the stuff of leaves squishing under my feet when I walk on 'em or the sound of paper rustling! Just to name a couple of things, never realized JUST how loud those are but I do miss the peace and quiet so when I do that, like hearing aids, just take' it off :)

Bottom line is with a CI you are still DEAF it is akin to another generation of hearing aids really and one doesn't lose their identity as a Deaf Person, nor do they lose their understanding of Deaf Culture etc....

Just my 2 cents worth here.

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