How is being deaf not a disorder?

by A. A.

I am an speech-language pathologist student and I love sign language with a passion. I have read many blogs, articles, and video comments about how insulting and offensive it is to describe deafness as disorder and/or disability. I have tried to understand the reasoning behind this and be sensitive about using these titles. However the truth of the matter is that being deaf can not be equated to a nationality, gender, or religion because these have nothing to do with normal human anatomical functions, such as being able to hear. And if you believe that disabilities exist, and if you agree with the definition of a disability and/or disorder, then deafness(witch results from either a physiological defect or some type of trauma) definitely falls under this category. Deafness only differs from other disorders in the type of disorder it is, an impairment in the proper function of the ear. And as far as deafness being a communication disorder, I believe that it certainly is one. Because despite how many languages a deaf person knows, if they can not orally convey them then that is a problem in communication.
I want to add that I in no way mean to offend and I absolutely mean no disrespect. I just want to explain why the National Institute on Deafness and Other Disorders is not being incorrect in the usage of it's name.

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