by Kenzie

I have been learning about the cochlear implant in my ASL class for the past couple of weeks. At first I thought every deaf person should receive an implant to receive the same opportunities as any other person. I thought that person should be happy that technology had evolved enough to give them the opportunity to hear the birds sing or the rain on the roof. But as I started to learn more about the implant and how the deaf community was responding, my views began to change. I now think that each individual person should have the chance to decide for themselves. Yes the cochlear implant may make their dreams more accessible, but with determination a deaf person can have the same opportunities as a hearing person. Arriving at their success point may have been harder but I believe that's what makes it worth while. Everyone is given a hurdle they have to cross, for someone it may be something little and for others it may be their hearing loss but whatever it is, it makes that person who they are. I think the deaf person should accept who they are and then if they still want the implant they should go get it. It doesn't change who they are it just gives them a new hurdle.

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