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Wow its interesting to read the controversy about the ci implants. I posted this on deaf.coms website. its just my opinion..

Hello, Im a 25 year old hearing person who today was looking through websites to see about possibly learning asl. While reading I came to your site and wow, the page about the ci's implants was very interesting! I completely side with the people who feel like the implants are wrong. They are, you guys( deaf people)asl langauage is just like any other langauage and should be respected, celebrated and cherished. God made you guys just as you are, he meant for you to be that way and us hearing people should lovingly accept that. To all deaf people: represent your culture and community and we hearing folk should be blessed to have yet another level of diversity around us.
Some may wonder how I can think the way I do. For me although its different i can somewhat relate, i am a lesbian, and my people, glbt folks go through discrimination all the time. Supposedly I heard that years in the future there might be a drug to eliminate the " gay gene" and just as in the ci's, future parents would say " oh my gosh we cant have a gay child, this child must have this surgery to make them " normal". But lord knows what consequnces this would have for the baby. So I can relate to you in this aspect. god made us deaf glbt/ hearing glbt people, deaf straight people, etc the way we are and loves us just as we are ALL OF US! celebrate and rejoice in this no matter what discrimination you face.
god bless.

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