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Here you will find interesting articles by deaf, hearing, hard of hearing, and late-deafened writers. In keeping up with the spirit of Deafhood, the topics and backgrounds of our writers will greatly vary.

NOTE: We've changed the format. Previously, article ideas had to be sent in for approval and a lot of time-consuming follow-up had to take place before anything made it to this website.

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All we ask is that the topics (and any follow-up comments) be deaf-related and flame-free. We reserve the right to decline submissions at our own discretion.

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Conquest of the Back Seats 
Last week, Farah and I went out on a trip. A long trip, in the family mini van. A long trip, in the family mini van, with the kids. A long trip in the …

The Gap 
The gap between HOH and Deaf in mainstream school I am the mother of a child with hearing loss. My son has been through aggressive auditory verbal therapy …

It Was An Assident 
True Story By a 36 Year Old Deaf Mom of Four "It Was an Assident" Recently I was told by my husband that I have been pronouncing the word "accident" …

Top tips for maintaining your deaf hearing aid 
The price of hearing aids for the deaf could cost thousands of dollars. With the right care, basic maintenance and common sense these little devices will …

----------------------------------------------------------------- A CREDO FOR DEAF AMERICANS We don't choose to be the common linguistic minority........ …

Deaf or H of H 
I have been researching as a hearing person the world of the oral deaf vs. cultural Deaf. I just read an eye opening book, The feel of Silence, by …

Sign Language and the Workplace 
Sign language in the workplace is becoming more prevalent as the number of people increases who are hearing impaired, or are completely deaf. Being able …

I'm not deaf but I'm learning sign 
I am a sophmore in high school. I am glad that my school has the opportunity to be able to learn sign language. Many other schools don't have that opportunity. …


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