Good Grief.....

by Eddie Runyon
(Pikeville, Ky.)

Alright, it is officially time to petition the US Government workers to turn in their cards that give them the right to drive, eat, sleep, and procreate....

Whoever the moron is that came up with this name, just like the other poster said, probably learned everything they know about deafness from pamphlets laying around an audiologist's office...Can't you just see it now? Little Johnny is home after a hard day at work, munching on his mother's meatloaf and listening to his daddy's moaning about cleaning doctor's offices all night: "Only good thing about it is, I got a lot of stuff to read when I go take my dump. For example, did you know, son, that there are some deaf and dumb people out there who can SPEAK? No kidding! There's even some that do that thingy with their hands where they talk to each other, sorta like that Gorillas in the mist lady. Who woulda thunk that they would have to capability to converse among themselves or with others?"

*DING!* The light bulb goes on in little Johnny's head, he will brown nose his boss by coming up with a wonderful title for that newfangled department they were talking about creating and locating over in the same building that houses the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Department for Reparations of All Past Sins of the Government. The name should be something that sounds REAALL good, so how about something like "National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders"? Maybe, if Daddy can bring home some of those pamphlets from the audiologist, he can even talk like he knows enough about it to get himself promoted! Whooo! No more of Mamma's meatloaf!

I kid, but it is a serious thing...I'm highly offended too. I would definitely support and encourage a name change. Deafness is NOT a communication disorder, it is an inability to hear that results in a barrier to communication in SOME situations. Great post, Mark!

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