Diversity divides Deaf America

by Sandra Goldstein
(Chicago, IL)

We, the deaf people, are the minority group. The deaf people keep on saying Unity. There are too many divisions due to diversity groups such as Latinos, American Africans, Asians, etc. Why bother to have their separate organizations? One organization...one country...One national organization for the Deaf is enough...American Culture is enough... We live in America...one American flag...one language ..ASL/English for Deaf people...

Look at the organization for the blind which is very powerful because they do not see the color of skin. One group for alllllll blind people. There are no organizations for black blind people, Hispanic blind people, Asian Blind people.

We, the deaf people, must forget the different cultures, different colors of skin, etc. We must think of one group....DEAF PEOPLE OF ALL COLORS OF SKIN!!!!

Working together works!!!

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