Deaf Articles

Welcome to the deaf articles page! This is where you will find deaf-related articles covering a variety of topics. A select few may be entirely off the point and have nothing to do with deafness at all.

Most of the articles we're opening with is stuff I originally wrote for DeafNation, Silent News, and SIGNews. However, as Deaf Culture Online expands, we will use this page to archive the most popular material from both the Drolz Uncensored blog and the Guest Writers page.

Check out the links below and enjoy!

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Mark Drolsbaugh

ASL With Fries: A plea for more ASL classes in high schools and colleges everywhere.

Intimate Moments: The connection between ASL and intimate relationships.

We Need a Deaf Oprah Winfrey: How a Deaf Oprah Winfrey could open new doors in deaf education.

How to Survive Mainstream School: Top-secret tricks and a reality check for deaf students in mainstream schools.

A Hearing Loss: A mind-numbing look at the definition of "hearing loss."

The Blame Game - Lamarckian Theory Gone Wild: A deaf family goes overboard with Lamarckian theory.

Signing With Your Deaf Baby: An article on the importance of signing with your deaf baby. Note: The newly-formed Deaf Bilingual Coalition is advocating on behalf the same subject. To be continued...

A Hearing Loss and a Deafening Loss: Tales from a deaf kid in a hearing school and a hearing kid in a deaf school.

Sign Language in Schools (or lack thereof): An argument in favor of incorporating sign language classes in schools everywhere.

Should We Have a Funeral for the 'D-Word'?: Is it really appropriate to have famous deaf athletes named "Dummy?"

The Isolation Myth: A look at how ASL and the deaf community do NOT isolate deaf people from the hearing world.

The Most Embarrassing Moment in Deaf History: When two deaf customers ask a TV salesman for a closed captioning demo, chaos ensues.

ASL: Not Guilty: An article dispelling the myth that ASL causes poor English.

Martial Arts: The Door to "I Can": An article examining the benefits of the martial arts for deaf children.

Men are Pigs: ASL classes are great. But where are the men?

We've Come a Long Way, But... : An article demonstrating the need for further deaf awareness.

The Cage: After 30 years, deaf writer Mark Drolsbaugh finally returns to the audiologist's booth.

CODA Daycare: A wacky incident at a daycare center with two CODAs (Children of Deaf Adults).

Hear's to You - An Amusing Look at Hearing People: A tongue-in-cheek look at the idiosyncracies of hearing people, as seen through deaf eyes.

"Deef" Pride - A Deaf Look at the English Language: English is the most complicated language in the whole world, hands down (no pun intended).

The Piano: Mainstream Music Gone Wild: Aspiring gospel singer Mark Drolsbaugh sends 'em screaming for the exits.

Birthday Blues: Deaf and Hearing Parents Unite (sort of): Creative ways for deaf parents to overcome wallfloweritis at CODA birthday parties.

A Deaf Class Action Lawsuit Waiting to Happen -- Or Not: A deaf man's struggles in oral schools raise the question -- should he, and others like him, unite in a class action lawsuit?