Deaf Person that remains nameless

by not today, I rather remain nameless

really ? who cares.

Deaf people are not the ONLY people that gets SSI

There are far more 'other people' than deaf people that gets more money off the SSI/SDI - this includes hearing people.

Who are YOU to decide that the person does not deserve SSI ?

who are YOU to decide that person is doing fraud by having another baby ? they ay be in love, and realize yes.. want a kid- again keeps them 'young' ?

who do you lump the deaf people that really needs SSI, after they apply and find out their parents are using the money all along - was that family HEARING ? - or is your argument just full of bull ? just throwing out "idea's"

A Person wants less hours so he can keep his SSI - so be it.

the company can just let that person go, and say need a full time employee.. granted it may be logical for one to keep their SSE and realize they cannot work, and can leave.

SSI is not guaranteed, if the government sees that you earn the maximum every month, after month year, year after year -they still can CUT you, regardless your hours, as it proves that you CAN work.

but why do YOU fee the need to stand up, and say 'deaf people dont need SSI'

you dont have SSI good for you.. I suggest you waste your hot air on something more worthwhile..

like equal rights for gay couples.. but again from what I read - it seems you're not FOR people, but more of against people - so I bet you're against gay marriage too ?

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Aug 24, 2015
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