Deaf or H of H

by Judy
(N.E. WA)

I have been researching as a hearing person the world of the oral deaf vs. cultural Deaf.

I just read an eye opening book, The feel of Silence, by Bonnie Poitras Tucker. My heart ached for what this woman went through. She saw herself as not LIKE the cultural Deaf but as a hearing person. Funny though, too many in the hearing world didn't accept her. And she couldn't communicate with the signing deaf. She never got to be in a school like the Clark school either where she would have at least been with other oral deaf and had some friends.

After her husband divorced her because he was tired of being married to a deaf woman, she got her law degree and she helped with disability law. I would like to know where she is now. I know she got a CI. I would like to know how she is doing with that. The trail of her life ends though on the internet and I can only hope that I have made contact with her attorney son and he can tell me what happened to her.

Gina Oliva's book, Alone in the Mainstream, parroted a lot of what Bonnie P. Tucker said but by many more oral deaf.

Seems to me, the culturally deaf have had it better if they were at a state school. Then there is my son, now 34. I ask him tonight if he felt he was tormented excessively in mainstream school. He was in a very rural setting with only one other deaf boy, 2 years younger that they kept him with to "save funds" and service. We had a few American Indian children in our district. He said some high school kids were making fun of him and the other deaf boy one day and one of the Indian fathers, ruffed the tormentors up and that never happened again.

I am worried for my 8 year old granddaughter who is bilaterally implanted. I called the school district to complain that she wants an interpreter and they said she doesn't need one because she hears just fine. How they all need to read the two books above and a lot of Mark's stuff and they would see that was NOT true.

One thing that I see in common with oral and signing deaf is DARKNESS. They hate it! I know I have a terrible time getting my granddaughter to go to bed when she is here. She ALWAYS has to have a nightlight on. I hate light when I sleep.

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