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What? Another Website?

Yes, another website. I'm thrilled to announce that Is now up and running. It's a spin-off of stuff I was doing in this website's Stress Management page. I noticed I'd gone overboard with the exercise and fitness tips so I decided to transfer them over to a separate website. For those of you who've been bugging me on how and why I do this, here's a link to a free WAHM course that teaches you how to turn your passion into a stay-at-home business. WAHM, by the way, stands for Work At Home Mom. I'm actually a WAHMM -- a Work At Home Mr. Mom -- and I enjoy this very much. If you'd like to earn extra income by writing about stuff you love, as opposed to, say, stuffing envelopes, this might be something you'd be interested in. Anyway, I'm rambling. For all of you fitness freaks out there, enjoy There's going to be a lot of fun stuff over there.

Deaf-friendly Businesses

Lately, I've noticed a number of businesses, organizations, and individuals who really seem to get it when collaborating with deaf clients and customers. So much, in fact, that I really want to give credit where credit is due. Soon you'll find a Deaf-friendly page at Deaf Culture Online and we'll be giving well-earned props to people and business who've earned them. Among the people and groups who are in line for high fives are Arcadia University and the Phillie Phanatic (yes, really). Stay tuned!

That's all the news and updates for now. Thank you for checking in and see you next time!


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