Deaf Citizen of NC

by Donna
(Charlotte NC)

What Should We Do About Deaf Education?

Deaf children with different degree of speech and or hearing accquire the best possible education at NCSD along with Deaf and hearing staff with high skilled knolwedge of Deaf culture, Deaf history, American Sign Language and Deaf heart.

Open communication and information to the world is very important in every education place.

Morganton has wonderful resources for the Deaf students to USE and explore. The town is in a bearutiful nature place where you can see the mountains every day.

Less paper works for the staff as they need more time with our Deaf children. Develop simple forms so the teachers and staff can spend quality time with our Deaf childen.

Imagine going to NCSD in the future, seeing all the qualitied Deaf and hearing staff working and many, many Deaf children there. It would make us, as parents and alumni feel proud to be USA citizens as our children are given the best education.

Model Secondary School for the Deaf in Washington, D.C. is a wonderful model school for you, all to visit.

Go NCSD Go Go Bears Go Go NCSD Go

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