Data Flow Rate

by John Egbert
(Ham Lake, Minnesota)

It is all about how much data can a teacher give to a student and vice versa.

It is really about about communication, the flow of information between the teacher and the student.

Many of you already know that those teachers at the schools for the deaf do not have the normal communication skills as the hearing school have for the hearing students.

And how often we have to "decode" our signing skills to these "teachers" because of their lack of ability to understand our "normal" signing skills?

Should we continue to "be humble" for these teacher's lack of ability to teach our children?

Are we still being "too colonialized" to object about these teacher's teaching skills in areas of communication skills?

Are we wrong to be concerned about our deaf children being taught by these inferior "communication skills" teachers?

How can we bring this issue up without hurting their feelings as being inferior teachers?

This is a very tough issue for many have concern for their deaf children or the teacher's lack of ability to teach our deaf children as a communicator.

This is a real big dilemma for all of us!


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