Deaf Again II: Going Deaf and Getting Kicked Out of a Hotel

By Darren Drolsbaugh (Age 8)

[Ed. Note: Darren wrote this himself. I assisted only with copying/pasting to my website and paragraph spacing. If you want my long-winded version of the events Darren describes below, check out Madness at the Marriott. Personally, I like Darren's version better.]

In 1999 on January 21 I was born. I was hearing for 7 years. In 1st grade I was doing well.

Then one year later, 2nd grade my friend Alex came up to me he said "You want to play kickball outside?"

I said "WHAT?"

Alex said again blazlmnbdg. I said "WHAT", I was getting a little mad. So I realize that I was going deaf but friends of mine thought I was going death.

So when I was at the Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia I couldn't hear what the doctor said.

Later on vacation in Virginia in a hotel we went to a room I was looking at the free pens with my brother Brandon then I saw my father Mark D. was talking to the guy there.

My father ask the guy something. He said "out." Mark said "why" but the guy said "out." The guy knows we're deaf, but he was wrong.

It doesn't matter if we are deaf. It doesn't matter if you have a different language.

My dad wants to know more information from the guy. The guy threw us out. I knowed that he knows we're deaf and signing.

And then when me and Mark was on the internet and saw this picture. It said deaf baby jailed hearing baby not jailed. It is true and it feels like bullying. It hurts my feelings when somebody hates deaf. My brother Brandon feels bad when somebody hurts his feelings when somebody makes fun of deaf people.

The next day the police came and said, "you were right." Dad showed me on the internet and I said "YEAH!"

So how did I know I was deaf? When I was playing video games. My father came downstairs and said "you are deaf." He said that's why I got mad at my friend before.

I was happy a lot. I love fingerspelling and signing a lot when I was 3 years old. So my mom let me have hearing aids but I didn't like them so I started being deaf like other people.

Well I tried to do sign language to my cat Lucky but it didn't work. So when I was 3 I can hear but my parents use sign language and I understand it.

I feel like I'm half deaf half hearing or I'm deaf but I'm never going to say that I hate signing but I love being deaf because I want to be like my father, he writes books and I like to write a lot.