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Oct 20, 2015
by: Anonymous

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Jul 19, 2015
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May 20, 2015
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by: Guzman

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Feb 27, 2008
educate everyone about the quality of education!
by: Hedy

Educate EVERYONE about the quality of deaf education(special education is NO-NO).

Improving and providing ASL Classes to whom desires to learn. EVEN small kids(new students)

Teachers must take few courses in deaf studies in order to get a job. also all top administrators, staff, houseparents, assistances!

Go on the list that important to the deaf education!

Feb 27, 2008
Don't give a slack...
by: Anonymous

"Top administrators" Don't give slack when it comes to fluency in sign language. This isn't Gallaudet B.S. as is still going on today as many can't sign a (bleep) lick.

My suggestion for fluency in sign language apply to EVERY ADMINISTRATOR FACULTY, STAFF and STUDENTS and others participating in day-to-day aspects

Feb 27, 2008
My 2 cents...
by: J.J.

That's a LOADED question that will draw various of responses.

I am not even going to offer up an opinion here. I do not even know what I would do for my own kids if I have any.

Nonetheless, I do agree that I am surprised that every school isn't protesting at this point. Then again, the most vocal students already go to the best schools in the country. So, I think that's a contributing you see bad administration at MSD (MD), CSD-Fremont, TSD (TX), ISD (IND), and a few others???

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