My son is just like your son... born normal hearing, losing hearing as he gets older and he is now deaf (averaging 100 dB in both ears.) He clings to his hearing aids and loves listening, music, etc. He is on the choir team at his local elementary school. Last summer he went to a AGBell sponsored summer camp where he met other CI kids and got to know them. He told me that if his hearing aids failed him, he'd ask for CIs. Because he is at the age (he recently turned 11 years old last weekend), he is to make the decision for himself with his parents' support.

However, he is talking about going back to the deaf school, and there is a possibility that he'd change his mind about CIs in time. So we will see.

You say that Brandon is showing hearing loss now?

Sometimes I wish that my son was born deaf so that making the decisions would be easier.

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