Cochlear Implants

In my opinion cochlear implants are a good thing, I think they help deaf people be able to communicate in a hearing world. Maybe some people don't want to be able to hear and just like having friends and family that can sign, but when you can hear and be deaf you are brought into two different communities. In class we watched a movie called the sound and fury, in the movie the dad knew that his deafness was holding his back from moving up in his jobs because he couldn't hear he couldn't move up. I think that if i were to have a deaf child i would get the implant and if they didn't like it, so much that they wish they never got the surgery they could just take off the outer part and the inner part would be there if they ever needed it.

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Feb 05, 2013
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by: Anonymous

The deaf father in Sound & Fury did not feel his deafness was holding him back. It's the hearing world that holds deaf back. CIs do not make anyone instantly hearing. Compare 30K nerve endings in a normal cochlea, each picking up a different nuance and frequency of sound, to an implant that can't come close to that! It takes years of audio training to se them. It can be very unpleasant! Children should NOT be forced to use them if they are malfunctioning and too many parents with aids and CI s force their use! I know!

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