cochlear implants

by Clare Wescott
(Traverse City MI)

I think that this was a very helpful, honest way to deliver the side of each of the argument.It leaned to the non-cochlear implant side of the argument, but it also considered the other views and sides. I could tell it got uncomfortable at times, but that's what made it great, its what made it real. You could tell it was genuine. This was straight forward. I know there are many different opinions when it comes to this debate. Its hard to form a solid opinion and stick with it, not being swayed by what others say on the topic. I feel that this story showed how both you can have an opinion, and think with every aspect of your being, that your'e right, and then something changes in your life, and you begin to question the things you thought were so solid and correct. you have to now look at the other side, and consider it hard. Something you didn't think you would ever really have to do. This story had both sides of the debate. In one life, and in one experience.
This article made me really think about both sides or the issue. It didn't make anymore sure of one side or the other. It didn't give me a totally clear understanding of the debate and it didn't make me form a complete opinion. It did though, make me think. It made me think about how tough it would be to have to make this choice for my child.
However, one thing that truly stood out to me, was that the father relied on the sons opinion, more then he relied on his own. In his mind, it was up to the boy, the one who would be getting the implant, not him. I fully believe that this is,and would be the complete right thing to do.

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