Cochlear Implants pro and con

by Emily

I feel that the Cochlear implant is a great thing. I feel that it could give a child so many opportunities in life. I feel that it gives them the best of both worlds. Not only will they be able to hear and communicate in the hearing world but they with be a big part of their deaf culture as well. They can still use sign language to communicate with other deaf people and with the Implant they will be able to communicate with the hearing a little better. Even though i feel that the Cochlear Implant is a better choice I also feel that the child should have a say in weather or not they get the implant. If the child does not want the Implant don't force them to get it. it should be their decision over all. but i do feel that the Cochlear implant would benefit the child a lot more

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May 17, 2018
my opionion NEW
by: Lee

I have a implant I was not born deaf, when I turned 45 I realized I was losing my hearing by the time I was 50 I had loss of 95% in both ears I had my own flooring business, which I had to give up , I wish they could tell me why but doctors really did not know it is possible I inherited it because my grand mother also lost her hearing at a young age, I think it's great for hearing noises but not understanding speech, especially in noisy places I would rather have it than not, I have had the implant 22 years have never meet anyone who was deaf a few people who have had a implant life goes on & it's best to except what ever happens to u, and live your life the best u can & don't give up just thought I would give my in put

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