by Ayriel Elaine (Pettit)
(Traverse City Michigan, U.S.)

So, I have been intensely following the different opinions on the CI. I also understand both sides. The one's who are for the CI and the ones who are completely against it. The fear of the Cochlear Implant becoming so big the Deaf culture will fade into the background and slowly become nonexistent,or the fact that if you are deaf you need to be part of the Deaf Culture and stop wanting to be apart of the hearing world, I get that... but when it's dealing with children, your own children rather you be a hearing parent or not... listening to your children and their opinion about it.. it's their choice and it should be valued and I know that being a parent you yourself have choices to make and you some shake it off because they don't want to deal with the pressure. But this isn't something to just blow off. VALUE YOUR KIDS OPINION and now what makes YOU feel better and with the people of the Deaf Culture who are against the CI, that is totally fine but you shouldn't resent those who choose it, rather the parents be deaf or hearing... you can still be apart of the Culture and be hearing. It's not illegal! Love is what is needed and if you have hearing parents who don't know anything about the Deaf Culture instead of shaking your head at them, how about you help them understand.

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