ASL student perspective

by Kileigh

I am a student studying American Sign Language in school right now. Granted, I don't know all that much yet. Lately we have been having debates over the cochlear implants, contemplating the pros and cons of them. Most of the information I have received is from the movie Sound and Fury, along with research we have done. I support your decision for your child, but also I can see why others would disagree. I feel that a cochlear implant would be beneficial, and if I went deaf tomorrow I would choose the implant. I feel like the implant offers multiple opportunities, but if you're deaf you can still be just as successful if you were to have your hearing. But I haven't grown up in the deaf community, so I have no idea what it is like. I don't know what it's like to live and love deaf culture. I see why you're proud to be deaf, and that you and your child both made the choice to not receive the implant, because it was the right choice for you both.

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