AGB has spread audism

by Don Grushkin
(Newark, CA)

Great Blog, Mark! You're entirely correct, audism can take more insidious, well-meaning forms as you described here. It is so entrenched into our culture that many of us don't even think about what the true meaning or implications are of the words and phrases that we use or see every day.

ASL for babies is definitely something that cannot harm them, developmentally, cognitively, academically. If all babies were exposed to ASL from a young age, we would not see so many delayed teenagers and adults who aren't reaching their full potential.

The DBC is engaging in direct opposition to AGB because it is AGB that has perpetuated their audist beliefs and managed to make them a staple of our culture (as above).

As we used to say back in 1988, SSDD!


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