A Hearing Person's Opinion

by Sydney

I am a student learning American Sign Language. This is my first year learning ASL but i already know a number of signs. Recently we've been disusing cochlear implants. we've watched a couple of movies on them, and have read several articles. The debate over cochlear implants with never end but i have come up with my own opinion on this topic. i believe that if you have a deaf child you need to give them every opportunity in the world. so if that means giving them a cochlear implant so they can function better in the hearing world, then that's what you do. however, i do feel that it the parents responsibility to learn ASL ans teach their deaf child it so they don't feel like they need to be changed or that being deaf isn't right. they also need to learn about the deaf culture so that they know that they aren't the only deaf person in this world. children always feel the need to fit in, so by giving them both worlds they don't feel left out of one world or the other.

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